Infant Laser Frenectomy



Many children are born with a condition where the lingual frenum , a cord which connects the tongue with the floor of the mouth is too short and prevents adequate movement of the tongue . The tongue is therefore restricted . Tongue movement is extremely important in breastfeeding and the tongue needs to elevate adequately to the roof of the mouth and help provide an adequate seal during breastfeeding.  Untreated tongue ties in infants can lead to many other issues as the child matures.


-Chewing and Swallowing difficulty. Limited tongue mobility can lead to a toddler having difficulty chewing and swallowing solids foods. Parents may find it difficult to introduce new foods into their baby's diet and this can negatively impact the child's nutrition and growth. 

-Abnormal Breathing, snoring . Many children experience poor sleep patterns , snoring, sleep apnea 

-Delayed speech development can occur in many children because they are unable to move their tongue and therefore cannot pronounce words or letters properly 

-Poor dental hygiene and increased risk for cavities occurs when the tongue lateral movement is restricted and the child is not able to move hos tongue to the outer surfaces of teeth to clean food off . This is commonly overlooked and can be a large factor in why some children are susceptible to more cavities on some posterior teeth.

-Restricted jaw development. Inability of the tongue to elevate and widen the palate laterally can result in narrow facial structure and higher palate and they mature .

There is mounting evidence that tongue ties are linked to many speech airway , devlopmental issues and oral health issues .



Symptoms that your child may be lip tied or tongue tied 

Mom Symptoms 

Discomfort when breastfeeding , sore nipples , flat creased, blanched nipples after nursing 

Low milk supply 

Sleep deprivations ( waking up more frequently to nurse an unsatisfied baby ) 

plugged ducts , mastitis 


Baby Symptoms 

Heart shaped end tongue 

Baby cries however tongue does not elevate but lays flat and low in the mouth 

Poor latch , frequent nursing , child seems unsatisfied after feedings

mild drools during feeding 

Reflux/ colic symptoms 

excessivley gassy baby-baby swallowing alot of air because baby cannot maintain proper suction with lip and tongue 

poor weight gain in baby, failure to thrive  


A tongue and Lip tie can many times be the cause of symptoms such as colic, reflux, failure to thrive. A Laser frenectomy can alleviate and in many cases eliminate these problems for your baby.



Ties prevent the baby's tongue from elevating and therefore a seal cannot be created around the mother's breast during feeding. If the seal is not created the baby will suck in air along with milk and this air is ingested with milk. This ingested air leads to more burping, spitting up, gassiness, reflux, colic. 


A written referral from a physician , dentist, lactation consultant , nurse practitioner is required prior to seeing your baby in our office for a tongue ot lip tie consultation .


An IBCLC ( international board certified lactation consultant) is a key provider and is essential provider that your baby should see before we perform a frenectomy procedure in our office . The IBCLC is well familiar with lip and tongue ties and how these ties can affect your ability to breastfeed your baby . Your IBCLC will work with you and your baby to help with latching and can help in ensuring optimal results even after your baby's laser frenectomy surgery is performed at our office. 

Please feel free to contact our office should you desire a consultation with Dr Hill to evaluate your baby's need for a labial frenectomy or a lingual frenectomy to assist with nursing or for your preschooler who may be having difficulties speaking or pronouncing words due to the presence of a tongue tie . Our office conducts Consultations on Wednesdays during specified hours.