Laser Frenectomy

Laser Frenectomy procedure is usually done on infants who are unable to be breastfed . A restricted or tight frenum may be the result of their inability to move their tongue and as a result latch onto their mother’s breast during breastfeeding . In many cases a restriction of the upper lip , due a tight frenum, may also be the cause of the upper lip not being able to flange and cause a proper seal around the mother’s breast . Our doctor usually performs a consultation appointment and will perform an oral examination to diagnose for the presence of a lip and tongue tie . Based on your symptoms , your baby’s symptoms and the history of prior interventions you have tried , Dr Hill will determine if your baby may benefit from a laser Frenectomy to release any ties that may be affecting breastfeeding.
A referral from a pediatrician or letter indicating current baby and mom symptoms is preferred before your baby’s consultation appointment with us.
We understand that moms and dads may have questions and we are here to answer them for you . If your child is tongue tied please contact us  at 301 408 3131 to schedule a frenectomy consultation with our office. You may also email our office at [email protected]